“DX” three-pass rotary drum Dryers have been developed to suit to our customers’ requirements due to their high reliability and easy operation.

In the RP Engineering “DX” series triple-pass rotary drum dryers, the product comes into contact directly with the hot air produced by the burner and, in the triple pass inside the rotating drum, the dehydration of the product occurs.

Reliability +

Reliability for continuous work for over 7500 hours/year, maintenance-free

High automation +

Humidity detection sensors, process management software, remote control.

Thanks to the presence of a wide thermal exchange surface, “DX” dryers are specially recommended to dry high input-humidity materials with granulometry from medium to small.

The product comes directly in contact with the air heated by the burner and the moisture is removed thanks to the three-pass technology that moves materials through the rotary drum.
The burners, the feeding conveyors, drum’s trunnions, rings and transmission are properly designed for heavy-duty and continuous operation applications.

All standard drum dryer are made 100% Italy with first quality materials coming from EU community and designed in accompliance with EU standard or UL/CSA or AUS/NZ standard.


Flexibility +

Energy efficiency +

Burners +

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