About Us RP Engineering designs and constructs industrial dryers for biomass, wood chips, sawdust and other materials.

In over 25 years of activity and experience, we have been there to offer customers small and medium-sized dryers, easy to use and with a high level of automation.

Our production is based on series models which are then customized for each individual customer depending on their specific needs.

RP Engineering boasts decades of experience gained by installing thousands of systems in every area of the world, with a formula that includes pre- and post-sales assistance service.

The production mainly concerns two types of dryers.

Three-pass rotary drum dryers +

ideal for treating various types of materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, biomass... which can reach large production volumes.

Belt Dryers +

suitable for using low temperature heat sources that are based on top-down airflow polyester belt technology.

Finally, our production range is completed with various types of accessories: loading tanks, at the bottom of augers or with mobile floors for feeding the material into the dryers, augers and sleeve filters, which complete the system in compliance with current regulations.

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