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We have been designing, building and installing industrial drying systems for over 25 years

Over the years we have focused on offering customers small and medium-sized dryers with a high level of automation and ease of use.

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Quality and Reliability A “Made in Italy” product, capable of responding to the needs of a continuously evolving global market.

We have a long and proud history givin emphasis to environment social and economic outcomes to deliver places that respond too the complex global forces shaping our future

RP Engineering boasts decades of experience gained by installing thousands of systems in every area of the world, with a formula that includes pre- and post-sales assistance service.
All RP Engineering dryers are designed and manufactured in full compliance with current regulations regarding safety of use and dust emissions into the atmosphere.

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We develop custom made project based on series models, to agree all specific requirement of customers

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The production is carried out within the company, with high quality standards, speed of execution, respect for costs

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We offer a complete installation and after-sales service to support our customers all over the world

The manufacturing process of our industrial drying systems for biomass, wood chips, sawdust and other types of materials.

Working Process 1


Storage and extraction of raw material from 5 to 1000 m3

Working Process 2


Handling of raw material with screw, chain or belt conveyors, up to 200 m3/h capacity

Working Process 3


Wet refining: low energy consumption and better dryer efficiency

Working Process 4


Drying of the product with with belt dryer, drum dryer, flash pipe dryer in according the material characteristics

Working Process 5


Handling of the raw material with mechanical conveyors or pneumatic

Working Process 6


Storage and extraction of the dry material with hopper or round silo up to 1000m3 capacity

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For years we have been designing and building various types of dryers that can be completely customized to the customer’s specific and personal needs, and we provide the necessary automation to be integrated into the customer’s process. Our machinery is easy to use, requires low maintenance costs and has low energy consumption.

Industrial dryers are a great ally for companies that aim for the efficiency of dehydration processes, with an increase in value and profits. They are machines that at the same time contribute to environmental sustainability and the circular economy.

At every post-sales stage, you can always turn to RP Engineering, the person who designed and assembled your dryer. You will be able to quickly obtain any type of original spare part for your system and you will always have qualified personnel at your disposal capable of carrying out any type of maintenance and overhaul work on your system, with the necessary testing.

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