Triple pass drum dryer

“DD” three-pass rotary drum Dryers have been developed to suit to our customers’ requirements due to their high reliability and easy operation. Thanks to the presence of a wide thermal exchange surface, “DD” dryers are specially recommended to dry high input-humidity materials with granulometry from medium to small. The product comes directly into contact with the air heated by the burner and humidity is removed thanks to the three-pass technology that moves materials through the rotary drum. The burners, the load and unload sys-tems, the mechanical members for rolling and transmission are properly dimensioned for heavy-duty and con-tinuous operation applications. Our standard models are built with the best materials and components. Special dryers can be manufactured on request. Please contact our Technical Service for assistance and for any inquiries.


  • wide production standard range
  • evaporation capacity up to 5000 kg/h

Thermal heat:

  • fix grate burner or step grate burner
  • smokes from industrial process

High automation, safety and control of the process


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