About Us

RP Engineering designs and constructs industrial dryers for biomass, wood chips, sawdust and other materials. Over the years we have focused on offering customers small and medium-sized dryers with a high level of automation and ease of use.

Production is based on standard models which are then customized. We produce two types of dryers, the triple passage rotary drum, ideal for treating different types of materials such as wood chips, sawdust and biomass that can reach large production volumes, flash dryers, ideal for drying sawdust and shavings with great energy savings and belt dryer to utilize waste low temperature heat with wire mesh belt technology (top-down air flux). Our product range is completed by different types of feed hoppers, for the bottom of screw conveyors or walking floor hoppers to feed the material into the dryers, dosing and screw conveyors and filter bags, which complete the system in compliance with current EU regulations.



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