Flash Pipe

“FLR” flash dryers family is thought to answer at our customer’s requests at best, as they present a simplicity of working and high reliability. “FLR” dryers series is particularly suitable to dry materials with an high initial humidity and a low or very low size. In these dryers the product comes into contact directly with the hot air produced by the burner, and in the piping, where the material is kept in suspension in the air, the dehydration of the product is achieved. Flash dryers are thought for the increasing request of small and constant production at competitive prices, both as for an investment as for working costs. They work in fully automatic mode, with efficient and safe system to prevent fire, with high automatization of the working cycle. The dryer it's complete with burner (gas, wood chips or wood pellet, diesel oil) and can be complete with bag filter, feeding and storage system, and screening of the raw material.


Wide production standard range
Evaporation capacity up to 3000 kg/h
Thermal energy:

  • natural gaslpg
  • fix grate or step grate burner with heat exchanger
  • smokes from industrial process

High automation, safety and control of the process


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