Low temperature belt dryer

The RP Engineering belt dryer are modular dryers, easy and reliable to use low temperature thermal energy and dry a large kind of material, like sawdust, woodchips, bark, using hot water, steam, thermal oil, of other waste heat from the customer.

The raw material it's feeded from two adjustable height conveyors screw to have the perfect layer to dry. The layer of material proceed thought the active drying zone and it's heated from the hot air produced from the exchangers, and sucked from the main fan. At the end it's discharged from a horizontal screw. A very efficient software regulate the process, reading the final moisture of the dried product and manage the process in the highest efficiency mode: you can choose the priority for the dryer, in particular, the maximum production, the maximum thermal energy used, the maximum back temperature, the output moisture, and others. The dryer it's completed with conveyors, storage hopper, wet refiner, screener, to complete the requirement of briquette/pellet plant or power plant/gasifier plant.

High thermal and electric efficiency – Suction fan, belt and dosing screw powered with variable frequency drive
Reliability for over than 7500 hours/year, without maintenance
Modular construction, easy to assembly and without defect of welding process
Continuous in-line moisture sensors for inlet and outlet material

Wide production standard range
Evaporation capacity up to 4000 kg/h

Thermal energy:

  • hot water
  • steam
  • thermal oil
  • geotermal energy
  • lpg/natural gas

Modular construction - Wire mesh fabric belt low emission - High automation, safety and control of the process


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